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What we offer...

Merchant Payment services

Pay your bills with our  associated merchants for dining and shopping.

NPR 25.00 service charge added on every transaction.

Telecom service providers

NTC, Ncell, UTL and Smartcell

2% credit reward in your bonus wallet on every transaction.

Internet service providers

NTC ADSL and Broadlink

2% credit reward on every transaction.

Worldlink and SUBISU

NPR 25.00 service charge added on every transaction.

TV service providers

Dish Home TV and SIM TV

2% credit reward on every transaction.


NPR 25.00 service charge added on every transaction.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

Pay your NEA bills online and on time. Receive the discount on your bills, provided by NEA, by always paying the biils at your convenience. 

What We Provide

Our bill payment services encapsulate our commitment to empower our clients with innovative solutions at their convenience.

Benefits of joining AIS

  1. FREE account opening
  2. Merchant payments and utility bill payments
  3. Our members using their bank account
  4. Real time execution

Our Vision

Empower our clients by providing innovative solutions.

Our Mission

Exemplify originality, competence, accuracy and excellence.

AIS, excellence delivered!!!

How it works?

Secure and in your control..


Fill up the sign up form, verify your email, upload government issued id and register with us for FREE!!! 

Make Payments

Use your bank account with our partner banks and make payment by using e-banking or wallet upload. 

Fund Transfer

Use your bank account to transfer funds to your wallet and make payments.


Your convenience, transaction possible from anywhere and at anytime.

Accurate Information System Pvt Ltd

Exemplify originality, competence, accuracy and excellence that encapsulates our commitment to empower our clients.


Company Partners

Sameer ShresthaChairman/ CEO

We wanted to create a platform allowing our members to be in control of paying all their bills at their convenience and we have developed our web platform and app to do just that. Merchant payment and utility bill payment is now possible via AIS and the power of execution rests with our members, at their finger tips.

Ujjwal DhunganaDirector

AIS introduced Merchant Payment for the first time in Nepal allowing our members to pay their bills from their bank account using out platform - web and app. Now if you go dining or shopping or pay your utility bills, all you require is your phone, AIS platform and money in your bank. We have given our members total control over their bill payment. 

Chetan RajbhandariDirector (IT)

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same but with proper structuring and dedicated work force, every failure acts as a piller for success. Innovation leads to revolution and AIS has just revolutionised the way people pay their bills. Now it is possible for people to pay their bills online and in a secure environment. Merchant Payment is the first of its kind in Nepal that allows people complete control and freedom to pay their bills. It not only provides a cashless environment but also a plastic (card) less environment while taking a stride in the future. If this is not revolution, I don't know what is?

Deepak Kandel Head - Legal Department

There and numerous ways of doing things but at AIS we practice the right way - effective, efficient and legal. This is the first time in Nepal that anyone has introduced Merchant Payment allowing people to pay their bills via phone from their bank account. The ripple effect it creates will change the course of payment mode for all forever. We make sure that everything is licensed, approved by the authority and perfectly legal.